SHA256 Profit-Switching Tutorial

The SHA256 Profit-Switching Pool is a service that F2Pool provides. The pool monitors the mining revenue of different cryptocurrencies which have the same mining algorithm. This function will direct hashrate to mine the most profitable coin and pay the revenue to miners based on the coin that is actually mined.

BTC, BCH, and BSV use the same mining algorithm. The mining difficulty adjustment mechanism of BCH and BSV is different from BTC. The mining difficulty adjustment of BCH and BSV is faster, and there may be large fluctuations during the day. Today we are excited to launch BTC Profit-Switching Pool for SHA256 mining, to help our miners maximize their mining revenue.

The actual test results before the launch of the BTC Profit-Switching Pool show that the average daily revenue during the test period is 2% higher than the revenue of mining BTC alone (note: the revenue is related to the coin price at that time and the mining difficulty at the time, historical data does not represent future gains).


1. Preparation

Register a new F2Pool account, or create a new mining account (sub-account) in the registered account. This account is required when setting up the mining device.

Under this account, please set the wallet address for BTC, BCH, and BSV. F2Pool will automatically pay the mining revenue when each coin reaches the corresponding threshold.


2. Configure your mining device

You are required to enter the following information on your mining device:

URL: stratum+tcp://

Username: accountUsername.workerName

Password:  *this can be anything*

*** We strongly recommended our miners to create a separate Mining Account for SHA256 Profit-Switching, this will make it easier to compare revenue between mining with the Profit-Switching Pool and mining BTC alone.

3. Monitor hashrate and mining revenue

After selecting “SHA256d” from the dropdown currency list, you can choose your Mining Account to view your hashrate and revenue.

  • The hashrate graph displays different colors based on the currency that is mined at a particular period of time
  • The table below the hashrate graph displays worker status and average hashrate
  • Mining revenue is recorded separately according to the currency mined and displayed in the revenue section

Please note: While F2Pool’s SHA256 Profit-Switching Pool endeavors to minimize the impact of coin price fluctuations on final revenue, it cannot completely eliminate the risk that the final revenue is lower than BTC standalone mining. Before using the Profit-Switching Pool, please understand the related risks.