BTC (Bitcoin) Mining Tutorial

About Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency and has an unprecedented reputation, which has spawned numerous copies and innovation. BTC mining uses the SHA-256 mining algorithm and has 21,000,000 total minable coins. The block time is 10 minutes.

1.  Obtain suitable hardware

 BTC can be efficiently mined with SHA-256 ASIC mining machines

✗   BTC cannot be efficiently mined with GPU cards 

View our Miners page to discover the most profitable ASIC machines for BTC mining.

2. Sign-up for an F2Pool account

  1. Sign-up and wait for the confirmation email.
  2. Log in to your account.

3. Configure your mining device

Your miner must be connected to one of the F2Pool pool servers listed below, and you must use a mining account registered on F2Pool for your hashrate and revenue to be recorded and monitored. 


You are required to enter the following information on your mining device:


URL: A F2Pool mining pool server URL 

Username: miningAccountUsername.workerName

Password:  *this can be anything*


Please note:

  • The F2Pool mining pool server can be found here, and also in the table below. Please use a mining pool server closest to your mining operation for better connection and lower latency. 
  • Your miningAccountUsername can be found within Account Settings.
  • workerName is optional, however, we recommend connecting each mining device with a separate workerName for efficient monitoring.


BTC mining pool servers:


Location  Server
Europe stratum+tcp://
USA stratum+tcp://
China stratum+tcp://
Ports 1314, 3333 and 25 can be used as alternative ports for each server


Example configuration


A miner with the Mining Account Username of oceanminer and their Worker named bigfish1 that wants to connect to the USA server would configure his device in the following way: 


URL: stratum+tcp://

Username: oceanminer.bigfish1

Password:  123

4. Add payout address

You need to add a payout address in order to collect your mining revenue. You can add or change your payout address from Payout Settings. F2Pool distributes mining revenue to every user that reaches the payout threshold on a daily basis. The payout threshold is 0.005 BTC and details about payout method, fees and threshold can be found here


If you do not have an address yet, you need to get a wallet first. We recommend Cobo Wallet and Bixin Wallet. You can find an extensive list of wallet options on the website, or choose an exchange wallet such as Binance or OKEx

5.  Start mining! 

Your machines are ready to starting mining. From the F2Pool dashboard, you can monitor your hashrate, revenue, and payouts; as well as manage your account settings. You can also view the information through our F2Pool App


If you have any issues, please contact our team at or join our Telegram community and get involved in the discussion. Happy mining! ?