DASH Full Node Wallet Tutorial

Wallet install and data synchronization

Download the full node wallet on dash official webiste: https://www.dash.org/wallets/#wallets

Here we take Windows-64 as an example, download and open the file, click on “Next”

Choose the saving path, please do not save it in the system disk, then click on “Next”.

Setup the shortcut, and click on “Install”.

Click on “Next” after finishing the install, then choose “Finish”.

Choose the saving position, for keeping the block synchronous data, please allow at least 12G disk spaces.

Click on “OK”. The wallet will automatically start to synchronize the block data. Please notice, it will take a little bit long time to make a data synchronization for the first time.

The page will show as below afterwards.

Obtain the wallet address

Click on “receive” and then”apply for the payment”.

The QR code, the combination of letters and numbers which start with “Xg”, is your full node wallet address. Click on the “File” menu, and choose”backup wallet“, rename the backup file, and save in the safety place, for the wallet remote recovery.

Please notice: one wallet can produce unlimited numbers of wallet addresses, and each of them is available if choosing directional one to save coins or for mining.

Besides, to the security element, please encrypt your wallet in advance. Click on “Settings” menu, and choose “Encrypt wallet” . And please keep it safely otherwise you may loss your dash coins.

Checking balance

You can check your balance in “Overview” page, as below:

Transaction records

You can check it in “Transaction” page.

Coin sending out

Go to the “Send” page as below.

To: the receiver’s wallet address.

Label: The description of the wallet address, to convince the future transfer.

Money: the amount you want to send, the transaction fees will be considered by the network status.

If for the payments to variety wallet addresses, click the “Add” button to add receiver.

After filling all these information, click on ” Send”. Then the transaction record will be listed in the transaction page.

Wallet backup and recovery

Locate on “File” and back up your wallet, rename the file and keep it safe.

If changing your devices or the application errors caused by some wallet files missing,  you can switch the “wallet.dat”file of your newly downloaded wallet application to your previous saved backup file, for recovering your wallet.