DCR (Decred) Mining Tutorial

About Decred (DCR)

Decred is an anonymous and community-driven cryptocurrency. It was created to provide an alternative to Bitcoin. The fundamental PoW base layer of the Decred blockchain is extended with PoS to provide an additional layer of security and a formalized governance model. DCR mining uses the Blake256r14 mining algorithm and has a total supply of 21 million coins.

Quick links:

1. Obtain suitable hardware

  • ✅ DCR can be efficiently mined with ASIC mining machines.
  • ❌ DCR cannot be efficiently mined with CPU or GPU cards.

View our  to discover the most profitable ASIC machines for DCR.

2. Obtain wallet address

A payout address is required for DCR mining to record, monitor and receive your mining revenue.

Mining revenue is distributed daily to every user that reaches the payout threshold. The payout threshold is 0.1 DCR and details about payout method, fees and threshold can be found .

If you do not have an address yet, you need to get a wallet first. We recommend  wallet or . You can also use an exchange wallet such as  or .

3. Configure your mining device

Your miner must be connected to the F2Pool pool server listed below, and you must use a wallet address that can receive DCR for revenue to be recorded and monitored.

You are required to enter the following information on your mining device:

  • URL: stratum+tcp://dcr.f2pool.com:5730
  • Username: walletAddress.workerName
  • Password: *anything*

Please note: workerName is optional, however, we recommend connecting each mining device with a separate workerName for efficient monitoring.

4. Start mining!

Your machines are ready to starting mining. From “Address Search” on the , you can insert your wallet address and monitor your hashrate, revenue, and payouts. You can also view the information through our . From the login screen, select “Quick View” in the bottom right corner and enter your wallet address.

Happy Mining ?

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