ETH / ETC (Ethereum / Ethereum Classic) Mining Tutorial

  1. ETH mining on F2Pool is registration-free and adopts the PPS+ capital preservation distribution mode;
  2. See the Help page at for PPS rate, F2Pool mining address, 24-hour theoretical income and more information.
  3. Account is settled automatically from GMT 8:00 am . Payment is made to the specified address within 8 hours after the settlement. Payment is made once per day. Payment threshold is 0.1ETH/ETC.
  4. No real-time incomes would arrive at the address of a remittee who has just started mining until “share accepted” is shown in the mining software.
  5. Mining pool delay as seen in the mining software is normally smaller than 2000 ms, or should be smaller than 500 ms under good networking condition. Please inspect your networking if it exceeds this figure.
  6. Mining profit and all workers’ hashrate can be viewed by filling out your wallet address in search bar right above of F2Pool official website and clicking “Go”. 

After installing system and setting up the mining environment , download tools and software required for mining.

Mining software:

【F2Pool version】:

Baidu Netdisk

Mega Clouddisk!9RQzBRbT!m7Xoro4feNB8Yp6wtYHVUw

【Original version】:

claymore’s miner:



Command Lines:

【Claymore‘s miner】:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal user_name -epsw x -eworker rig3571 -estale 0 -asm 2 -dcri 14

【bminer】(only for NVIDIA miner,enhance miner’s hashrate somehow):

bminer -uri ethproxy://

ETH wallet:

Cobo, professional cryptocurrency wallet APP,is convenient and safe,and recommended to all cryptocurrency miner.

Download address of video card recognition tool GPU-Z:

1. Set parameters in mining software

Unzip/Unrar the downloaded mining software.

(1) Single mining

Open the folder with mining software, find and right click on “start-单挖.bat”, and select “Edit”. Codes in the file “start-单挖.bat” are shown in the below figure.

To mine ETH, you need to modify user_name and worker number. To mine ETC, you need to modify mining pool address in addition into

Please modify worker number by yourself according to your own situation; it is typically suggested that machine bear certain relation to miner’s IP or number. Fill in the receipt address of ETH for mining ETH, whereas the receipt address of ETC for mining ETC.

Parameters Specification:

 -epool      #Fill in F2Pool ETH or ETC mining pool address

 -ewal       #Fill in ETH user_name or ETC receipt address

 -eworker    #Fill in worker number in lowercases or digits or their combination

 -epsw       #Fill in an arbitrary password

 -dbg        #Output logs into file, -1 denotes closing the feature of log output

Below is the command line for single mining of ETH. Simply change the user_name and worker into your own:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal user_name -epsw x -eworker rig3571 -estale 0 -asm 2 -dcri 14

Below is the command line for single mining of ETC. Simply change the wallet address and worker into your own (Wallet address for ETH differs from wallet address for ETC, and both cannot be mixed):

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal wallet_address -epsw x -eworker rig3571 -estale 0 -asm 2 -dcri 14

2, The method of monitoring miner and checking revenue

In F2pool official website:, click the search button at the top right corner; enter the wallet address; clicking “Go”; then ,you can check the status of miner and the account revenue as shown below: