Grin Mining Tutorial

We are extremely excited to welcome GRIN – the second implementation of MimbleWimble protocol – to our cryptocurrency family after BEAM. With characteristics of privacy and scalability, GRIN is expected to be a highly popular cryptocurrency for our GPU miners.

The mining algorithms are Cuckarood29 and Cuckaroo31. The requirement of GPU memory for Cuckarood29 is lower than Cuckaroo31.

Key information

Algorithm: Cuckarood29, Cuckaroo31
Supported: GPU miners
Consensus: PoW
Block explorer:

Part 1 – Mining equipment and environment

Mining equipment: Support GPU mining (N-card, A-card, at least 4G RAM).
Operating system: Windows and Linux. Mac is currently not supported.

Mining software:

  • MinerOS (NVIDIA & AMD, at least 4G RAM)
  • Gminer (NVIDIA, at least 4G RAM)
  • Miner Babe OS (NVIDIA & AMD, at least 4G RAM)
  • GRIN official GrinGoldMiner (NVIDIA & AMD, at least 8G RAM)

Part 2 – Obtain GRIN Wallet Address

GRIN requires a username to mine. Therefore an f2pool account is required. If you don’t have one, please click here to register.

Once you have an f2pool account, you can start mining GRIN and the mining revenue will be automatically accumulated in your account. If you want to withdraw coins, please login directly to your f2pool account and add GRIN coin information in account settings.

Please note that GRIN doesn’t have a wallet address. All of the transactions will take place through the full node wallet. Currently, only the Linux version can be officially used, which is quite complicated to use. Click here for more details.

Last but not least, you can also obtain an URL from an exchange platform to receive the payouts. BitMesh exchange already supports GRIN transaction. Click here for more details.


You also can obtain a Grin wallet address from the Grin wallet APP : Vite wallet, For more details, click here ]

Part 3 – Download mining software

The mining software can be downloaded through the following links:

f2pool mining software (NVIDIA & AMD):

Baidu Cloud Download Link

 Mega Download Link

Official mining software:

Miner Master (Support N-card mining)
Bminer official (Support N-card mining)
Miner OS (Support N-card and A-card mining)
Miner Babe OS (Support N-card and A-card mining)
GRIN official (Support N-card and A-card mining) (Hashrate is quite low, difficult to use, not recommended)

The official mining software requires miners to create a batch file and configure it with the following parameters.

Part 4: Setting parameters

4.1 Miner Master (Support N-card mining with at least 8G RAM,Currently it is only available for C31 mining under Win7)

Grin’s official software is low in computational power and the operation is relatively complicated. It is not recommended. The following is a description of Miner Master mining.

4.1.1: Master Miner software 

Master Miner software has integrated the ccminer and bminer kernel and only supports N-card mining under Windows system. ccminer kernel requires at least 6G RAM and for Bminer is 4G. It supports C31 algorithm now (requires at least 8G RAM under Windows 7 system). The mining software can be downloaded through the following link:

After logging in to the official website, click “下载单机挖矿安装包” (Download Single Machine Installation Package) to download the latest v1.6.0 version. After the download is complete, run the installation program to finish the installation.

If you have many mining machines and require batch management, you can download the “内网批量管理安装包” (Intranet Batch Management Installation Package) and need to cooperate with Miner Master to use. For more details, please check the tutorial on Miner Master official website.

4.1.2: Setting parameters

Select miner: ccminer æternity grin [AE] [GRIN] or Bminer
Select currency: GRIN (cuckaroo29) – Grin or GRIN (cuckatoo31) – Grin
Set the worker number to distinguish between different miners, which can be a combination of numbers or letters.
GRIN wallet: Fill in your f2pool username.

Once the setting is completed, click on “开始挖矿” to start mining.

4.2 Bminer software (Support N-card mining with at least 8G RAM, for C31 mining it requires to operate under Win7 system)

Download the Bminer mining software and unzip the files. Right click on “start.bat” and click “Edit”.

Set the parameters as follows:

C29 mining parameters

bminer -uri cuckaroo29d://

C31 mining parameters

bminer -uri cuckatoo31://

As below:

After save the “start.bat” file and then double-click to start mining.

Part 4.3 – Miner Babe OS (Support N-card and A-card mining with at least 4G RAM)

4.3.1 Register an account

4.3.2 Download Miner Babe OS

First, you would need to make a boot disk with an USB flash drive or mobile hard disk with more than 16G memory. Click here for the tutorial.

Mining system requires version V 4.11 or above.

4.3.3 Miner Babe OS mining

1. Obtain wallet address:

Log in to the Miner Babe OS, find “钱包” in the left navigation bar and click on “添加钱包地址” to verify your identity, choose the wallet type based on your GPU model (GRIN 29 supports 4G RAM and above, GRIN 31 supports 8G RAM and above). In “钱包地址” textbox, fill in your f2pool username and click finish as shown in the picture below:

2. Create mining template

In the left navigation bar, click “分组” and then “新建分组” to create a new group. In the “新建分组” section, choose coin type based on your GPU model (GRIN 29 supports 4G RAM and above, GRIN 31 supports 8G RAM and above).

In the “矿池” textbox, enter f2pool’s GRIN pool address:



In the “钱包” textbox, choose the wallet, which is already set up in the section above.

Once finish the setup for group, click Finish and then the new template is created.(Please use the corresponding Pool of the algorithm you choose)

3. Connect with group mining

Go to the mining machine page, select the miner to mine GRIN, click on “关联矿机分组”, select the group “鱼池F2Pool” that you just created, click “确认” as shown below:

If the GRIN hashrate can be observed on the mining machine page, it means that mining has been started.

4.4 Miner OS (Support N-card and A-card mining with at least 4G RAM)

4.4.1 Download Miner OS

Here are the installation steps:

1. For miners who have not installed minerOS, first register a minerOS account (HERE). Miners who have already installed minerOS can skip the installation and upgrade to the latest version.

2. Prepare a 16 GB (or larger) U disk or mobile hard disk, click here to download and set up to V1.1.6 version (or above).

3. After the download is complete, burn minerOS to a USB flash drive or mobile hard disk. For N-card, choose the version 1.6.6D410 and above and for A-card, choose version 1.7.0 and above.

4. Insert the burned U disk or mobile hard disk into the mining machine. After the machine is turned on, it will automatically activate the minerOS account, which has just been registered. You can log in via minerOS to operate the mining machine.

Please note: This is a simplified installation process. For more details, please refer to the “minerOS installation tutorial”. The version of the engraving tool in this tutorial is too low, please do not download it.

4.4.2 Miner OS mining

After completing the above minerOS installation, log in to minerOS to operate the mining machine.

1. Set up a new miner template. In the left navigation bar, click on “Drilling Template” and click on the blue “+” icon on the right side.

Select currency based on your GPU model. Let’s take Grin-c29 as an example:

Graphics card supports Grin-c29 model:

N-card: P106 1066 1070 1070TI 1080 1080TI

A-card: 474 574 484 584 and other 4G cards can be tested here to see if it works but C31 is not recommended.

Graphics card supports Grin-c31 mode:

N-card: 1080TI

A-card: 578 588 vega56 vega64 (vega requires a customized version).

2. Set up mining pool and wallet

In the “矿池选择” textbox, select “f2pool(鱼池)”  (Please use the corresponding Pool of the algorithm you choose)

In the “钱包地址”, fill in your f2pool username, not your wallet address

3. Configure the created template to the host

Click “主机” in the left navigation bar, find the miner to be configured, in the “操作”, click “配置并重启” (Configure and restart), go to the next page, select the mining template just created, click “确定” and “是” in the pop-up box to confirm. After the configuration is completed, the mining starts.

4.5 Gminer

Download the Gminer mining software, unzip it to the current folder, find the “start” file as below:

Right click on it, choose “Edit”, configure the parameters as below:


miner.exe –algo grin29 –server –port 13654 –user username.workername


miner.exe –algo grin31 –server –port 13654 –user username.workername

After the configuration, save and operate the “start.bat”file, and start mining.

Part 5 – Monitoring mining machine status and revenue

To view the operational status and daily income of the mining machine, you can login the f2pool official website, click on the iconin the upper right corner to switch to Grin, and you can check all the mining details.

You can also view the information through our f2pool app..

Please note: After you set up your miner, it may take a little time before your mining data will sync with the f2pool website and app.

Happy Mining 🐟

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