HYC (Hycon) Mining Tutorial

Hycon is here, come and mine!

We are pleased to launch another coin on f2pool labs  – Hycon (HYC). Hycon is also known as Hyperconnected Coin, and it is developed by the team from Infinity Project, based in South Korea. HYC is ASIC-resistant, meaning it can only be mined using your GPU or CPU.

Key Information:

Algorithm: Cryptonight V7
Supported: GPU & CPU mining
Website: https://hycon.io
Block Explorer: https://explorer.hycon.io

Project Overview:

Hycon is the digital asset built on top of a faster and more scalable blockchain developed by the Infinity Project team. Using a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) structure, it has the capability to publish several blocks simultaneously with the ability to resolve conflicting transactions and reject double-spends through the SPECTRE consensus algorithm.

The main features of the public-chain include a fast transaction confirmation time, on-chain transaction scalability (up to 3000 TPS), synchronous outbound (blocks are linked based on DAG structure locations rather than time series) and smart contracts.

Now, it’s time to learn how to mine HYC with f2pool 🐟

Part 1 – Obtain HYC Wallet Address

Just like mining any cryptocurrency, you must first have a wallet that accepts the HYC mining payout. Here are the options:

Please note: regulatory policies related to cryptocurrency mining differ in each country, and each miner is responsible to understand the associated risks.

Part 2 – Download mining software

HYC can be mined using your GPU and CPU. The mining software can be downloaded through the following links:

F2Pool mining software (CPU, NVIDIA & AMD):

Official mining software:

Both the f2pool software and official software will provide the same result, however, you may save time during the setup if you use the f2pool developed mining software. The f2pool version has a batch file for miners and the default mining pool is set to f2pool. Therefore, you can simply replace the wallet address in the configuration parameters with your own HYC wallet address and save the settings.

Please set up the software according to the parameters within this mining guide.

Part 3 – Set mining parameters

Download the N-card mining software and unzip the files. Right click on “start.bat” and click “Edit”.


Set the parameters as follows:

N card: xmrig-nvidia stratum+tcp://hyc.f2pool.com:9081 -u wallet address. miner number -p x

Please note: N-card users need CUDA installed. Version 10.0 is recommended.

A card: xmrig-amd -ostratum+tcp://hyc.f2pool.com:9081 -u  wallet address. miner number -p x

CPU: xmrig -o stratum+tcp://hyc.f2pool.com:9081 -u  wallet address. miner number -p x


Set the HYC pool URL, port number, wallet address and miner number.

Once the mining parameters are set, save the “start.bat” file and then double-click to start mining.

Part 4  –  Monitor mining machine status and revenue

To view the operational status and daily income of the mining machine, you can access the f2pool official website, click on the search bar in the upper right corner, and enter the wallet address to check.

You can also view the information through our f2pool app. From the login screen, select “Quick View” in the bottom right corner and enter your wallet address.  

Please note: After you set up your miner, it may take a little time before your mining data will sync with the f2pool website and app.

Happy Mining 🐟

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