KMD (Komodo) Mining Tutorial

Key Information

Komodo, referred to as KMD, is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that redefines the blockchain platform through a multi-chain architecture. The mining algorithm is Equihash200.9, which is the same algorithm as ZEC,  and the same mining software and mining machine can be used, supports GPU and ASIC mining machine such as Innsoilicon A9, antminer Z9.

Part 1 — Mining Equipment And Environment

Algorithm: Lyra2REv3

Supported: GPU mining (Not recommended), ASIC mining


Block Explorer:

Part 2 — Obtain KMD Wallet Address

KMD wallet address can be obtained through:

Official Full node wallet (App wallet):



Please note: regulatory policies related to cryptocurrency mining differ in each country, and each miner is responsible to understand the associated risks.

Part 3 — Miner Configuration

First, obtain the IP address of the mining machine by looking for IP tools or routers, then enter the mining machine IP in the address box of the PC browser, enter the backstage of the mining machine, and find “Miner Configuration” or “Pools” (different mining machines are called Different) carry out mining settings. The parameter settings are as follows:

URL/Pool: Input the KMD pool address: stratum+tcp://

Worker/User:wallet address.worker name. The worker name is named for the mining machine to facilitate the separation of different mining machines; the wallet address and the worker name are separated by a period “.”. Such as RJw4PzUu8XFnVb1zrtwdU3fAzjrW6Ma3qN.001

Password: Any digits

After confirming the information above, save the configuration.

Now you’re ready to start mining!

Part 4 — Monitoring mining machine status and revenue

To view the operational status and daily income of the mining machine, you can access the f2pool official website, click on the search bar in the upper right corner, and enter the wallet address to check.

You can also view the information through our f2pool app. From the login screen, select “Quick View” in the bottom right corner and enter your wallet address.

Please note: After you set up your miner, it may take a little time before your mining data will sync with the f2pool website and app.

Happy Mining 🐟

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