F2Pool Mining Guide – MONA (MonaCoin)

About MONA

MonaCoin, referred to as MONA. It was born in December 2013, is Japan’s first digital currency. Mona community is Japan’s most active digital currency community.

MONA’s algorithm is Lyra2REv2 algorithm. MONA can be mined by the graphics card, supporting N-card and A-card, and both Windows and Linux systems can be used.

Quick Links

1. Obtain suitable hardware

  • ✅ MONA can be efficiently mined with GPU cards.
  • ❌ MONA cannot be efficiently mined with CPU and ASIC mining machines.

View our Miners page to discover the most profitable GPU cards for MONA.

2. Obtain wallet address

An MONA wallet address is required for you to receive and monitor your mining revenue.

Mining revenue is distributed daily to every user that reaches the payout threshold. The payout threshold is 5 ETP and details about payout method, fees and threshold can be found here.

You need to get a wallet address if you don’t have one already. We recommend  the official wallet. And you can also use an exchange wallet such as Bittrex.

3. Obtain mining software

Choose from one of the popular mining software currently available for MONA.

4. Configure mining software


Download the mining software and unzip the files. Right-click on “start.bat” and click “edit”.






Sgminer.exe -k x16r -o stratum+tcp://mona.f2pool.com:20593 -u wallet_address.worker_name -p donate -X 256 –gpu-platform=1 -g 2 –log-file log.txt


Download the mining software and unzip the files. Right-click on “start.bat” and click “edit”.

Ccmier-x64 -a lyra2rev2 -o stratum+tcp://mona.f2pool.com:20593 -u wallet_address.worker_name -p x

5. Start mining!

Your machines are ready to starting mining. From “Address Search” on the F2Pool homepage, you can insert your wallet address and monitor your hashrate, revenue, and payouts. You can also view the information through our F2Pool App. From the login screen, select “Quick View” in the bottom right corner and enter your wallet address.

Happy Mining ?

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