About NiceHash

If you want to puchase the hashrate from NiceHash and mine in F2Pool, first it requires to configure the relevant parameters, as below:

Custom pool name: This part can be any digit and just convenient for you to check.

Algorithm: The coin’s algorithm. Each coin has its algorithm. And only the correct algorithm bought can you mine this coin. Such as LTC’s algorithm is Scrypt, for BTC is SHA256, for ETH is Daggerhashimoto, for ZEC is Equihash, etc. For more details: https://www.nicehash.com/pricing

Stratum hostname or IP: The pool URL.

Port: Pool’s port.

Username: Inputyour mining information (F2Pool username, or your wallet address)

Password: If the pool task difficulty doesn’t match the difficulty NiceHash requires. The specific parameters are required to add here.

Here is the chart including the supported coin types of F2pool in NiceHash.



Algorithm STRATUM Port Username Password
BTC SHA256 btc.f2pool.com 3333 F2Pool username fd=524288

(fd is the nth power of 2, and 19≤n≤25)

ETH Daggerhashimoto eth.f2pool.com 6688 F2Pool username d=40

(d is the integer, and 32≤d≤63)

Grin GrinCuckaroo29 grin29.f2pool.com 13654 F2Pool username d=8

(d is the integer, and 8≤d≤32)

GrinCuckaroo31 grin31.f2pool.com 13654 F2Pool username
DCR Blake256r14 dcr.f2pool.com 5730 Wallet address x

(Any digit)

BEAM Beam beam.f2pool.com 5000 Wallet address x

(Any digit)

RVN X16Rv2 raven.f2pool.com 3636 Wallet address d=32

(d is the nth power of 2, and 4≤n≤26)

DGB SHA256 dgb-sha256d.f2pool.com 11110 Wallet address d=4611686018427387904



Scrypt dgb-scrypt.f2pool.com 11111 Wallet address d=274877906944

(d is the nth power of 2, and 38≤n≤63)

Qubit dgb-qubit.f2pool.com 11114 Wallet address d=68719476736

(d is the nth power of 2, and 36≤n≤63)





Wallet address


(d is the nth power of 2, and 10≤n≤63)


For more details:https://blog.f2pool.com/en/mining-tutorial-en/choose-miner-en/nicehash_s_en