PASC (Pascal Coin) Mining Tutorial

F2Pool Mining Guide – Pascal Coin (PASC)
About Pascal Coin (PASC)
Pascal is a fast, zero-fee, scalable and totally decentralized cryptocurrency designed for payments and layer-2 applications. Enabled by the SafeBox technology to become the world’s first deletable blockchain system, Pascal possesses unlimited potential. PASC is ASIC and GPU resistant and uses the RandomHash2 mining algorithm. It has a maximum supply of 42,000,000 coins and the block time is 5 minutes.

1.  Obtain suitable hardware
✓ PASC can be efficiently mined with CPU cards
✗ PASC cannot be efficiently mined with ASIC machines or GPU cards

2.  Obtain the wallet address
A PASC wallet address can be obtained in 3 ways:
✓ Official wallet
✓ Exchange platform: TOKOK, ViteX
✓ Mobile App: Vite Wallet
Step 1: Download app
Step 2: Add asset “PASC”
Step 3: Click “Cross-chain transfer”
Step 4: Click “Next”

Note: Some websites provide a Wallet Address and Payload which acts like a Payment ID. The format is “wallet address.payload.miner number” and the Payload must be a 16 digit string.

3.  Obtain mining software
PASC mining software can be obtained in two ways:

✓ F2Pool mining software
Baidu Cloud (Extraction code: p4zh)

✓ The original mining software

Enter your Wallet Address and the Payment ID in the configuration parameters, and save the new settings.

4. Configure your mining device
Nanominer mining software

Step 1: Download and unzip the folder

Step 2: Find the “config” file as shown below

Step 3: Right-click “start.bat” and select “Edit”

Wallet = wallet_address
paymentId = Payload
rigName = worker_name
pool1 =

Wallet = your PASC wallet address
paymentId = Payload provided by the exchange (paymentId = 0 if using a local wallet address)
rigName = name of the miner (can be a number or a combination of letters set randomly by you)
pool1 =

Step 4: After finish setting the parameters, the following figure is shown:

Step 5: Save and close the file, double-click the “nanominer” file to start mining

Please note: The software will not automatically switch to the new algorithm, you need to restart the mining software manually after the PASC fork.

5. Start mining!
Your machines are ready to start mining. From “Address Search” on the F2Pool homepage, select PASC and insert your wallet address to monitor hashrate, revenue, and payouts. You can also view the information through our F2Pool App. From the login screen, select “Quick View” in the bottom right corner and enter your wallet address.

Please note: If the wallet address set at the time of mining includes a payment payload, enter: walletAddress.payload