SCC (SiaClassic) Mining Tutorial

SCC, referred to as SiaClassic, is the original chain using the previous algorithm after the hard fork. supporting the current Asic miners, such as A3,S11,B52, U2,Obelisk and so on , here we take A3 as the example to introduce.

official website:

I. Preparations

  1. Hardware preparations: a specialized ASIC miner with Blake2B algorithm (i.e. the new promoted A3 or any other SiaClassic miner), a power supply matching the miner, a network cable and a computer.
  2. Download the IPReporter software at:!McgRFCDC!8h0mFdcuJ_pAIMRsqvE-fQ.  Prepare an SCC wallet address. At the SCC official website ( download the SCC full-node wallet.This is also accessible on transaction platforms.
  3. Exchange platform:QBTC

II. Assemble the miner

  1. First, connect the network cable by plugging it into the cable interface of the miner.image.png
  2. Next, connect power supply by plugging all interfaces of the power supply into the miner. Power on after connecting all of these wires, so the light in the miner starts to light up and the machine starts to run at this moment.

III. Locate miner’s IP

Unzip the downloaded IPReporter and double click on the file “IPReporter” in the folder.


Click on “Start”and then keep pressing down the button “IP Reporter” on the miner for one second before releasing it.



Now the IP address of this miner will automatically pop up in the software. Copy this IP address into your browser.


Open your browser, paste the IP address of miner pinpointed above into the address bar in your browser, and press Enter. Input “root” for both user name and password in the pop-up identity verification. Click on “Sign in”.


IV. Miner configuration

  1. Fix miner IP

    This moment we are entering the background of management miner. In “Network/Settings”,

    change “Protocol” into “Static” protocol and then click on “Save & Apply” so that this miner’s IP

    is fixed at Afterwards, you can login to the miner background immediately with

    this IP.


  2. Mining pool and worker settings

    In “Miner Configuration/General Settings” set the mining pools and workers.

    URL: Fill in SCC mining address (See the figure below).

    Worker: Create a worker name. Format: Wallet_address.woker_name. Digits/Lowercases or a combination of both, one worker name for one miner. Example: 323b7baae0bf16ec8f505a3c344ae82eed1950119ff22753218446ad29ac38bbfaabe343f173.1

    Password: Worker password (set at will).

    After setting up to mining pool’s information, click on “Save & Apply” at the bottom right corner.


V. Monitor hashrates and mining profits on the official website of F2Pool

Open the official website of F2Pool: Input your SCC address into the address bar at the top right corner on the homepage and then press “Go” , web page will jump to the page monitoring your workers and earnings.

The payout threshold of SiaClassic is 100 SCC. Account is settled once per day. At 8 a.m the account balance suffices for automatic settlement with the starting quantity. Payments are credited into account on the current day, and paying hours lasts from 8:00 to 16:00. However, account cannot be settled for insufficient balance at 8 a.m and has to be determined until 8 a.m the next morning.