BTM (Bytom) Mining Tutorial

BTM,which is short for Bytom, is the infrastructure of asset Internet.Any peer-to-peer financial applications and asset applications from institutions and individuals could be built on Bytom chain.

The algorithm of BTM is Tensority, and currently, BTM could be mined by ASIC B3.

Ⅰ.Mining Outline

BTM official website:

BTM wallet link:

【Full node wallet】:




Here will not list too many exchanges, and what we recommend is the exchanges supporting the BTM main chain address, such as

Miner configuration



Mining status monitoring

In F2Pool Official website: click on searching ico on the right top, input the walletaddress and “go”. Then the miner monitoring, account income could be checked inthe following page.

Block explorer:

Ⅱ. Specific tutorial

At the beginning, It is necessary to obtain BTM wallet address, using BTM full node wallet( )or cryptocurrency exchanges( ),which can normally accept deposit from mining pools for future mining.

Then, configure your miner and start mining. In advance, due to the immaturity of BTM’s GPU mining software currently, here is only the introduction of B3 miner below,

  1. Well connect your miner with network line cable and power lines, prepare a PC under the same LAN to visit the miner‘s management backstage and configuring mining parameters.

  2. Power on the miner, download the IPReporter software (!McgRFCDC!8h0mFdcuJ_pAIMRsqvE-fQ), unzip and open the file as below:

  1. Double click on it, and click “start” as below, then press the “IP reporter” button on the miner for 1 second (as part of miners, holding this button too long may make them reset.)

  1. After a while, an IP address, which is just the miner’s, will be popped up on the software automatically. Actually, there are varieties of other methods of obtaining miner’s IP, such as the IP searching function under the LAN, or with the help of Router management, etc. which are the same way as obtaining the IP of a PC. Here will not be listed one by one.

  1. Open the browser of the operating PC and fill out the miner’s IP, input “root”in both username and password bars in the following page, entering miner’s management backstage.

  1. The management page of miner is shown as below, click on “Miner Configuration”

  1. Configure mining URL and worker information in “Miner configuration” page as below.

    Pool URL(F2Pool): stratum+tcp://

    Worker: input your BTM wallet address and worker name, separated by a dot ”.” or an underline “_”.

    NOTE: The wallet address here MUST BE the BTM main chain address, otherwise the payment cannot be recieved! The format of main chain address would be: bm1………….

  1. After above settings, click on the button on the right bottom “Save& Apply” to start mining. And the miner status will appear on “Miner Status” page after several minutes. Then you will earn mining profits afterwards if all parameters shown correctly.

Ⅲ.Monitoring Mining status & profits

Access F2Pool’s website:,click on the searching icon on the right top, input your BTM wallet address, configured in mining parameters, and click “Go”, as below.

Your will see your miner‘s running status and mining profits.