SUQA Mining Tutorial

SUQA is a new open source P2P digital currency based on the improved codes of the Bitcoin blockchain, featuring the new advanced memory-intensive X22i algorithm with ASIC, FPGA and quantum resistance.

Currently, SUQA only supports the Nvidia card mining. CPU mining is also available, but as its low efficient, here we only introduce the N card mining as below:

Ⅰ. Obtain The Wallet Address

【SUQA Official】:

【Official Wallet】:


Note: The countries’ regulatory policies on exchanges are not uniform, and the related risks are borne by the miners. 

Ⅱ. Obtain The Mining Software

F2Pool version:  【Mega Disk】

Original version:

No matter under Windows or Linux, miners can obtain the relevant mining software through this link.

Ⅲ. Parameter Configuration

Obtain the mining software above, unzip and locate on “start” file, right click on it and choose” Edit”, input the parameters below in the opening text file.

ccminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet_address.worker_name -p x


After confirming the mining pool, wallet address and other parameters are correct, save and then double click on “start” to mine, and it means the miner starts to work when the software showing ” share accepted”.

Ⅳ. Checking Revenue

Revenue: Input the wallet address in the searching box on the top right of F2Pool website:

Block chain explorer: