VCASH Withdrawal Tutorial

Currently F2Pool supports the withdrawal of VCASH mining revenue.

The deposit and withdraw supported exchange platforms are listed as below:

Exchange website Payout Threshold Wallet format
Bitmesh 0.5 VCASH wallet address(format:https://……)
Bkex  0.01 VCASH wallet address(format:https://……)


After the exchange account registration, find out the VCASH deposit option, to obtain the VCASH wallet address.

Due to the different deposit requirement of each exchange platform, please withdraw when the VCASH balance is enough to reach the threshold to prevent unecessary losses.

How to withdraw:

Ⅰ. Configure the wallet address

a. Go to F2Pool official website (, and log in the F2Pool account.

b. After logging in, click on the downside list on the top right corner of the page, choose “Account Settings”, and then choose “Payout settings”.

Then choose the coin type “BTC”, there will be an “Add VCASH wallet” option shown as below:


c. Choose the exchange platform you want to use in the list below. Input the VCASH deposit wallet that the exchange provides you, then click on “Send SMS code” button. input the SMS code and submit.

d. After submitting, F2Pool will send an activate email to your register email account.


e. Log in your own email, click on the activate link in the message, and finish the wallet configuration.

f. The wallet configuration (changing) has been completed.

The VCASH wallet has been configured after finishing the steps as above.


Ⅱ. Apply For The Withdrawal

In the “Revenue” page, you can check the VCash balance as below, click on the “Withdraw” button, the withdrawal will succeed when it is showing “Withdrawal Success”.