XSC (Spacecash) Mining Tutorial

Does anyone still remember the SC (Siacoin) hard fork on October 31st resulted in SCC (SiaClassic) and f2pool was the first one launched SCC to mine? Of course, SCC is not the only SC fork coin. There are other SC fork coins such as SCP (SiaPrime) and XSC (Spacecash), and today we are going to introduce XSC mining.

XSC is the token used by Hyperspace Cloud Storage. The underlying algorithm is the same as SCC. You can mine XSC with A3, S11, Obelisk SC1 and other mining machines. Let’s take A3 mining machine as an example, here is the mining tutorial for you:

  1. Preparation

Hardware: Blake2b algorithm Asic professional mining machine (here we use A3 miming machine as an example), suitable power supply for the mining machine, a network cable and a computer.

Download to find IP software.

Prepare an XSC wallet address:

Please note that the countries’ regulatory policies on exchanges are not uniform, and the risks are borne by the miners.

  1. Assemble mining machine

Firstly, connect the network cable and plug it into the network cable interface of the mining machine.

Then, connect the power cord and each interface of the mining power to the mining machine. After all the wires are connected, the power can be turned on. Once the power is turned on, the mining machine light should light up and the machine starts to run.

  1. Find the local IP

Under the same network used for the A3 mining machine, open another computer prepared in advance. This computer will be used as a control computer for setting up mining, which can also be referred to as “Control computer”.

On the control computer, visit the A3 mining machine to find the download link of the IP software (IPReporter), download the software and unzip it, double-click the IPReport in the folder. Note that the IP software for each mining machine is different. Please go to our official website for relevant resources.

Click “Start”, then press the mining’s IP Reporter button, then press again and release for one second, as shown below:

At this point, the IP address of the mining machine will be automatically popped up on the software, and the IP address will be copied to the browser.

Open the browser, paste the IP of the miner into the browser address bar, press Enter. In the pop-up dialog box, enter the user name and password, which are both “root”.

  1. Set up the mining machine and start mining

When you are in the mining management background, fill in the mining and miner information in Miner Configuration/ General Settings. The format of the pool 1 information should be filled in as below:

-URL: stratum+tcp://xsc.f2pool.com:7798

– Worker/ User: wallet_address.woker_name (wallet_address and worker_name are as of the miner, filled in here to distinguish the mining machine, easy to find and manage)

– Password: Miner password (can be set)

Note that the miner name can be customized, which can be a number or a letter, and the mining machine name should be relevant to the miner name. For example: 323b7baae0bf16ec8f505a3c344ae82eed1950119ff22753218446ad29ac38bbfaabe343f173.01. The wallet address and the miner’s name are separated by a period “.” or an underscore “_”.

After setting, click “Save&Apply” in the lower right corner, wait for a while, the mining machine will start to run normally. Click on “Miner Status” to see the real-time status of the mining machine. After observing the normal indicators, you can wait for the receipt of the coins.

  1. Monitor the operating status of the mining machine and query about the mining revenue

To view the operation status and daily income of the mining machine, you can access the f2pool official website (https://www.f2pool.com), then click on the search bar in the upper right corner, and enter the wallet address for viewing.

Alternatively, you can view the process of the transfer via the block browser: http://hyperstats.info/.