ZCL (ZClassic) Mining Tutorial

The financing method of Zcash (ZEC), one of the Anonymous troikas, has been controversial. To maintain the normal operation of the project, the Zcash team has stipulated that 20% of the mining in the previous four years will be owned by the team, which is for the miners. It was unfair, so the miners split a Zclassic from Zcash, abbreviated as: ZCL.

Like ZEC, the max supply of ZCL is also 21 million. Using Equihash algorithm, it is currently possible to mine through the GPU and ASIC miners (A9, Z9).

【ZClassic Official Web】  

. Obtain the wallet address:

For Zcash mining, F2Pool is using anonymous mining method. You need to prepare a wallet address firstly for obtaining mining revenue.

【Official Wallet】:https://zclassic.org/

【Third-party wallet】 :Coinomi ,which is supported by both Android and IOS system.

. Obtain The Mining Software

2.1 F2Pool version:

【Baidu Disk】 【Mega Disk】

2.2 Developer original version

A card mining software:【claymore’s miner】

N card mining software: 【Bminer】      【EWBF’s miner】

minerOS: It is the hashing power management system for Linux system; built-in Claymore, ccmner, EWBF and other third-party original mining software; it isalso supporting the N card and A card.

You can get the Linux version of the mining software from the”Developer Original Version” download link.

Note: The algorithm, mining software and miners between ZCL and ZEC are the same, please notice that the mining address and wallet address are different.

III. Set Up Mining Parameters & Start Mining

3.1 A card mining

Download and unzip the file, and locate on “.bat” file(batch file), right click on it, and choose “edit”. The parameter settings are set as below:

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool zclassic.f2pool.com:3367 -zwal wallet_address.worker_name -zpsw x -allpools 1

The meaning of each parameter

-zpool  input the mining address of F2Pool-zwal   input the wallet address and worker name-zpsw  input any passwords

With reference to the above example, determine the ZCL mining pool address and set the miner’s own ZCL wallet address and worker name. If there is more than one machine, the worker name is to distinguish between different machines. That English dot should not be missed. Change only the corresponding character when modifying, and do not delete the space or punctuation. Save it after the modification is completed.

Double-click on the “.bat” file to start mining.

In addition,you can also modify the “config” file parameters, and then directlyrun “ZecMiner64.exe” program; in config file, the examples of mining parameters are as follows:

-zpool zclassic.f2pool.com:3367-zwal wallet_address.worker_name-zpsw z-allpools 1

3.2 N card mining

Download and unzip the file, and locate on “.bat” file(batch file), right click on it, and choose “edit”. The parameter settings are set as below:


bminer -uri stratum://wallet_address.worker_name@zclassic.f2pool.com:3367

EWBF’s miner

miner –server zclassic.f2pool.com –port 3367 –user wallet_address.worker_name –pass x –fee 0 –pec

Considering the examples above, institute your own wallet address and worker name on the place of “wallet_address.worker_name”, according to the mining software type you downloaded. Then confirm the pool address: zclassic.f2pool.com, and the port: 3367, and other related information is correct. Save the “.bat” file.

Then double click on it, to start mining.

. Miner Monitoring And Checking Revenue

In F2pool official website: https://www.f2pool.com, click the search button at the top right corner; enter the wallet address; clicking “Go”; then you can check the status of miner and the account revenue as shown below: