ZCR (ZCore) Mining Tutorial

ZCore (ZCR, official website: https://zcore.cash/) is a digital currency that uses the lyra2Z algorithm for mining. It has no ICO, no pre-excavation, anti-ASIC, and can be mined using CPU and GPU.  The underlying algorithm is the same as the XZC , so the same mining software can be used.


[ZCR official website]          [ZCR block browser]


  1. Obtain wallet address

As with all other digital currency mining processes, you must first have a wallet address that accepts ZCR mining payout. It can be obtained by:


Full-node wallet:



Lightweight wallet:

[ZCR App]





Please note that the countries’ regulatory policies on exchanges are not uniform, and the risks are borne by the miners.


  1. Download mining software

ZCR can be mined using CPU and GPU. Mining software can be downloaded through the following link:


F2Pool version (CPU & NVIDIA & AMD):

[Baidu network disk]

[Mega Cloud Disk]


Original miner software:


CPU miner software:



NVIDIA Miner Software:

Https://github.com/djm34/ccminer-msvc2015/releases/  (djm34 version)

Https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/releases  (tpruvot version)


AMD Miner Software:



(Recommendation: Download the original miner software and set mining parameters as instructed in tutorial for configuration)


  1. Set the parameters in the mining software and start mining

3.1 N-card mining

Download the N card mining software, choose to extract the files to the current folder and find the “start.bat” file, as shown below:


Right click on “start.bat” and select “Edit”, In the “start.bat” file, the parameters are set as follows:


ccminer-x64 -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp://zcr.f2pool.com:5745 -u wallet address. worker name -p x


Please check the ZCR pool address and set the miner’s own ZCR billing address and worker name as shown below in the picture. Also note that if there are multiple machines, the worker name is to distinguish between different machines. When modifying, only change the corresponding characters, do not delete spaces and punctuation marks, and then save them after completing the modification.


The specific parameters should be set as follows:

ccminer-x64 is the mining software that represents the directory under which you want to run this folder.

-a is the name of the mining algorithm

-o is the address of the mining pool server and its port number needed to be linked. The address can be ip or domain name. The default is f2pool address and port number stratum+tcp://zcr.f2pool.com:5745

-u is the mining user name and worker name. This is the most important thing because if you fill in the wrong one, you will not get the mining payout. Here you need to set a ZCR wallet address and miner number, replace the official mining wallet address with your own wallet address.


The latter parameters are not required to change.


After the mining parameters are set, save the “start.bat” file and then double-click to start mining.


3.2 A-card mining

After getting the mining software, unzip the mining software and find the “start.bat” file.



Right click on “start.bat”, select Edit, open the file, and the mining parameters should be set as follows:


sgminer.exe –no-submit-stale –kernel Lyra2z – o stratum+tcp://zcr.f2pool.com:5745 -u wallet address. worker name –p password -w 16 -I 16

Check if the ZCR pool address and port number are shown as below, and set your own ZCR billing address and worker name.


Finally, save and run the “start.bat” file, then start mining.


Note: If you get the miner software from the original link, the original software is called the algorithm Lyra2h. If you can’t run it, change the algorithm to Lyra2z and it will run normally.


3.3 CPU mining

After obtaining the CPU mining software, extract the file and find “start.bat”.


Right click on the “start.bat” file, select Edit, open the file and the parameters should be set as follows:

cpuminer-avx2 -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp://zcr.f2pool.com:5745 -u wallet address.worker name -p password

Change your wallet address as shown below and then save the file:



Note: The bat file is defaulted to choose “cpuminer-avx2” as the target application to start mining. Miners can read the “README” description to test the mining speed of other applications and select the application that best matches their CPU for mining. To change the application, please replace “cpuminer-avx2” with the application name that you want to run as shown below:



  1. Monitor the mining machine’s operating status and view revenue


To view the operation status and daily income of the mining machine, you can access the f2pool official website (https://www.f2pool.com), then click on the search bar in the upper right corner, and enter the wallet address for viewing.