ZEC (Zcash) Mining Tutorial

Zcash, abbreviated as: ZEC, is the first blockchain system to use a zero-knowledge proof mechanism, which provides complete payment confidentiality while still being able to use a public blockchain to maintain a decentralized network. It is like Bitcoin, the total number is 21 million, using Equihash algorithm, can now be mined by ASIC miners.

【Zcash Official Website】        【Zcash Block Explorer(1)】       【Zcash Block Explorer(2)】 

I, The methods to get a wallet address:

For Zcash mining, F2Pool is using anonymous mining method. You need to prepare a wallet address firstly for obtaining mining revenue.
You can get the Zcash wallet address by the following link:

【Official Wallet】:https://z.cash/zh/download.html 

【Third-party wallet】recommendedCOBO Wallet ; Cobo is a wallet application focused on providing virtual currency storage. It is easy to use and it is stable and secure; it is recommended for use.

II, Set mining parameters and start mining

The Asic miners supporting ZEC mining include Z9, A9,ASICminer Equihash, etc. The mining configuration is similar. The first step is checking the miner IP. For its details please consider in the mining machine’s official website, or the BTC or LTC mining tutorial.

After checking the miner IP, view the miner IP through the other managing PC browser in the same LAN. Open the miner backend and input the pool adderss and worker information, as below:

Pool URL:stratum+tcp://zec.f2pool.com:3357

Worker(or USER):wallet_address.worker_name(Please input your own ZEC wallet address and worker name)

Ⅲ, The method of monitoring miner and checking revenue

In F2pool official website: https://www.f2pool.com, click the search button at the top right corner; enter the wallet address; clicking “Go”; then ,you can check the status of miner and the account revenue as shown below: