ZEN (Horizen) Mining Tutorial

Zencash, abbreviated as: ZEN, gives all the mining revenue to the miners. This results in a problem that all the capital they need for the project development can just depend on the contribution of the community. That makes the development schedule of progress unsatisfactory. At the end, three former military staffs of The US government ramified Zencash from ZClassic, which is a more perfect version than the previous one.

Same as ZCL, the total amount of ZEN is also 21 million. ZEN also uses Equihash algorithm, and can be mined by GPU card and Asic (A9/Z9) miners.

【ZEN Official Website】  【ZEN Block Explorer】  

Ⅰ. The methods to get a wallet address:

For ZEN mining, F2Pool is using anonymous mining method. You need to prepare a wallet address before obtaining mining revenue.

You can get the ZEN wallet address by clicking the following links:

【Official Wallet】: https://zencash.com/wallets/

【Third-party wallet】: Coinomi Wallet; Coinomi Wallet supports Android and IOS Systems.

Ⅱ. The methods to obtain mining software:

F2Pool Version

【Baidu Disk】 【Mega Disk】

Developer Original Version

A card mining software:【claymore’s miner】

N card mining software:【Bminer】      【EWBF’s miner】

MinerOS:  http://www.mineros.cn

It’s a hashing power management system for Linux system, which built-in Claymore, ccminer, EWBF and other third-party original mining software. This software supports both N card and A card.

For Linux version, you can get from the ‘Developer Original Version’ download link.

Caution: ZEN uses the same algorithm as ZEC, so they can use same mining software and miners. What should be noticed is that the addresses of mining pool and wallet are different from ZEC.


III. Set mining parameters and start mining

3.1  A card mining

Download A card mining software, unzip the file, find the “.bat” file, right-click on the “.bat” file and select “Edit”.

The parameter settings are as follows:

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool zencash.f2pool.com:3377 -zwal wallet_address.worker_name -zpsw x -allpools 1

As shown below:

The meaning of each parameter is as follows:

-zpool  zencash.f2pool.com:3377 # Fill in the F2Pool ZEN mining pool address

-zwal   #Fill in ZEN wallet address.worker name

-zpsw  z # input any password

With reference to the above example, determine the ZEN mining pool address and set the miner’s own ZEN wallet address and worker name. If there is more than one machine, the worker name is to distinguish between different machines. That English period should not be missed. Change only the corresponding character when modifying, and do not delete the space or punctuation. Save it after the modification is completed.

Double-click on the “.bat” file to start mining.

In addition, you can also modify the “config” file parameters, and then directly run “ZecMiner64.exe” program; in the config file, the examples of mining parameters are as follows:

-zpool zencash.f2pool.com:3377

-zwal wallet_address.worker_name

-zpsw z

-allpools 1

3.2 N card mining

Download N card mining software, after decompression, find the “.bat” file, right-click on the file, then select “Edit”, and set mining parameters as follows:


bminer -uri stratum://wallet_address.worker_name@zencash.f2pool.com:3377

【EWBF’s miner】

miner –server zencash.f2pool.com –port 3377 –user wallet_address.worker_name –pass x –fee 0 –pec


Referring to the above example, replace your own wallet address and worker name at “wallet_address.worker_name “according to the type of mining software you have downloaded. Checking the mining pool address: zencash.f2pool.com and the mining pool port: 3377, and other related information. After making sure the information is correct, save the “.bat” file. Double-click on the “.bat” file to start mining.


3.3 ASIC mining

After accessing the background of the miner, you need to fill in the information below:

URL: stratum+tcp://zencash.f2pool.com:3377

Worker: wallet_address.worker_name

After making sure your mining pool address, wallet address and worker name are correct, save the settings. The miner will start running and mining in minutes.

  1. The method of monitoring miner and checking revenue

Open F2Pool official website: https://www.f2pool.com, clicking on the searching button on the top right, then enter the wallet address before clicking “Go”. And you can check the status of miner and the account revenue as shown below: