XDAG Mining Tutorial

XDAG, which is short for Dagger, is an encrypted currency, based on the DAG (directed acyclic graph), substituting for the blockchain technology. One transaction is included in each block, and each block also stands for one address.

XDAG can be mined through GPU card and CPU, supporting both Windows and Linux system. Here is the outline of GPU mining below:

【XDAG official website】                           【Bitcointalk Link】

1. Wallet address

Official: https://xdag.io/

NOTE: wallet address generated by exchanges can not used to mine xdag.

2. Obtain the mining software

  • F2Pool version(recommended)

【Baidu Netdisk】 (for both A and N card):https://pan.baidu.com/s/13Agev1DVyip24KDukcHQ

【Mega Cloud】 (for both A and N card):https://mega.nz/#F!kIgVyLRS!CMnG6K8k9p66cAnUYSaQ

  • Original version:


For Linux miners, mining software under Linux can be obtained from the link above.

3. Orders (mining parameters)

Obtain the mining software above,unzip it and locate on “start” file, here taking F2Pool version software as an example, as below:

Right click on it and choose “edit” to open the file. The parameter setup as below:

  • F2Pool version (recommended)

DaggerGpuMiner.exe -G  -p xdag.f2pool.com:13654  -a wallet_address -opencl-platform 1 -nvidia-fix -opencl-devices 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 -mid worker_name

 The worker name is visible while using F2Pool version mining software, by just replacing your own wallet address and worker name. the worker name is customized, which could be any numbers or letters.

  • Original version

DaggerGpuMiner.exe -G  -p xdag.f2pool.com:13654  -a wallet_address -opencl-platform 1 -nvidia-fix -opencl-devices 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The batch file is needed to be setup while using original version mining software, and fill the parameters above, the software of this version does not support worker name configuration, nor does the worker name reveals.


  1. If there has integrated GPU card, set the parameter: -opencl-platform 1, otherwise it shall be -opencl-platform 0.
  2. Delete the parameter”-nividia-fix” while mining by AMD card.
  3. “-mid” can not be recognized by original version mining software, but available in F2Pool vesion.
  4. you can use the code “-cl-local-work 768” to increase your miner machine’s hashrate, “786” is parameters which could be adjusted according the conditions.

Please make sure the changed wallet address belonging to you, otherwise no profits you can earn. The worker name can be setup customized, which could be any numbers or letters.

After the setup and confirmation, save and exit the “start” file, then double click it to start mining, as the operate parameter below:

4. Method of viewing profits and monitoring mining conditions

Click on F2Pool’s website: https://www.f2pool.com, and find the searching icon on the right top of the page, input your wallet address and confirm, then you can monitor miners and view the balance& profits.